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All of Your Questions Answered (Hopefully).........

What's the difference between deep tissue and Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage uses a medium pressure and is primarily designed for relaxation with therapeutic benefits too, eg aiding blood flow to the muscles and helping the body to drain toxins.  

Deep tissue massage uses a firm pressure and is the choice for you if you have muscle pain, soreness or stiffness.  Many people still find deep tissue massage relaxing.

I am always happy to combine both techniques to suit you.

Do I have to take all of my clothes off?

For massage treatments, you will need to remove everything except for your underpants, which stay on.  Every part of your body, except for the part I am working on will be covered by towels at all times.  I will leave the room to allow you complete privacy when getting dressed and undressed.  There is no hurry and we will go through a thorough consultation first to allow you to relax in the room and with me before you get undressed.

Keeping your underpants on is a condition that I insist upon during a treatment.  As a female therapist, I feel it necessary to do this in order to guard against clients getting the wrong idea about the kinds of services that I offer.

During a reflexology treatment, all you have to remove is your shoes and socks.  Apart from this, you will remain fully clothed.

I have a health condition, is deep tissue massage suitable for me?     

Deep tissue massage is effective in helping many medical conditions. A responsible practitioner will not promise to cure your condition, we also cannot diagnose.  I believe that complementary therapies - as the name suggests - should be complementary to, and not an alternative to allopathic medicine.

There are some medical conditions that because of insurance or safety reasons are contraindicated for deep tissue massage.  When booking your treatment it is best just to let me know of any conditions you may have to save you a wasted journey if it turns out I cannot safely treat you during the consultation.  It may be necessary for you to obtain the permission of your GP before commencing on any course of treatment with a complementary medical practitioner.

Please note I cannot give any kind of treatment to a pregnant lady who is in her first trimester.  Deep tissue is contraindicated throughout pregnancy.

Will deep tissue massage hurt?

Deep tissue massage can be painful in places, especially if you have a lot of congestion and knots in your muscles when you come for the treatment.  Most people describe this pain as a 'good pain', because they can feel the treatment working.  Deep tissue massage employs techniques that specifically target areas that are already causing you pain or discomfort.  I will work to your tolerance levels and will decrease the pressure if it is too much.

Some people can find reflexology slightly painful, depending on the amount of congestion found in the feet.  However, the majority of the treatment is deeply relaxing.

Will I need more than one appointment?

The number of sessions required really depends upon how long you have had your symptoms and how severe it is.  For example, if you have had back pain for years, then one treatment will not bring lasting relief from the pain.  You should see improvement in two to three treatments.   We will agree a treatment plan together after the first appointment.  A change in habits such as posture, stretches and nutrition will help the effects of the treatments to last longer, I can help you with this.

Will I experience any adverse reaction after treatment?

After a deep tissue massage, it is common to feel a bit sore or bruised, this is a good thing, a sign that the body's own healing response has been initiated, and this is usually followed by a relief from your symptoms.
Any adverse reaction will usually only last for 24 - 48 hours.  Most people experience a sense of calm and relaxation after a deep tissue massage, so it's advisable to book your treatment on a day when you can go home and continue to relax. In order to help your body to adjust after a deep tissue massage, I advise clients to drink plenty of water and to avoid alcohol on the day of the treatment.  Also, if you have muscle pain or soreness due to specific activity eg, sport or repetitive work, it is advisable to refrain from that activity the day after treatment, whilst the body is continuing the recovery process.

After a reflexology treatment, a few people may experience what is known as a 'healing crisis'.  A healing crisis is seen as a good thing, as it is a sign that the body has reacted to the treatment and is trying to re-balance itself.  It is brought about by the release of congestion and may result in headaches, increased urination, increased or decreased energy and feeling a bit 'out of sorts'.