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Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage in Norwich


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At Norwich Massage Therapy, we do things a little differently.  With fifteen years experience in deep tissue massage, and benefitting from advanced training in deep tissue massage, anatomy, physiology and Nutritional Therapy, we have a proven track record of increasing movement and freedom in the body and decreasing pain.

We specialise in focused, bespoke massage treatments to help you with all kinds of pain, whether it is chronic or acute.  We can help with issues such as:

  • Treatment and prevention of sports injury
  • headaches
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Tight neck or shoulders
  • Tennis elbow
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • General muscle tightness/aches and pains

We treat our clients how we ourselves would like to be treated, so our sessions are unhurried and limited to three per day.  That means that every client gets the same quality of treatment, whether they are seen first or last.  During your initial treatment we will make a plan together and the treatment is thoroughly explained.  This is NOT taken off of your actual treatment time.  All massages are one hour or ninety minutes 'hands on'.

We put a lot of energy into each massage session, but deep pressure doesn't necessarily mean lots of pain.  The treatment can be uncomfortable at times, but working slowly, and making sure the muscles are well warmed up before the deep pressure starts can really help.  Most people describe deep tissue as a 'good pain', the pressure feels satisfying, you can feel it working, and the pain easing off or going altogether during the massage session.  We work in harmony with the body, our sensitive fingers can feel what is happening to the muscle we are working, and therefore we work with you, not against you.  The vast majority of clients find deep tissue massage very relaxing.


" I tried Sarah first because she was nearest to my home but after about 10 minutes into that first session I knew I wouldn't bother with the others. She is welcoming, offers helpful advice on nutrition and supplements and gives the most wonderful massage. I'm a great believer in the no pain no gain principle and Sarah really gets to the parts other therapists cannot reach. The effects of her massage last longer than any of the others and there have  been plenty over the years."