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Sarah at Norwich Massage Therapy for Deep Tissue Massage in Norwich

​​​Deep Tissue Massage

My Credentials

I'm Sarah Sands.  I trained in deep tissue and swedish massage, aromatherapy and reflexology at the University of Brighton over two years, gaining an HND (equivalent to the first two years of a degree) in Complementary Therapies.  I then studied for a further three years at the College of Naturopathic Medicine to become a Nutritional Therapist.  I studied anatomy, physiology and pathology for two years,  and Naturopathy for one year.  So you can rest assured that my training is a cut above.

I have been practising as a therapist for eleven years.  During this time I have also lectured in nutritional medicine to college students, had my own monthly article in a food magazine and lectured participants in the Brighton marathon on Sports Nutrition.

As a former long distance runner I understand pain!  Therefore I now pace myself in all areas of my life, including my work.  When you come to see me for a treatment, you can guarantee that I will not see more than four clients that day, meaning that I maintain my energy levels for each client, so no one gets a raw deal.

The History of Massage

Massage has always been with us, in it's simplest form, as a natural instinct to touch or rub a wound or pain.
The earliest mention of massage in history was in 3000BC, in a chinese book called 'Cong-Ku of the Toa-Tse'. Ancient Egyption tomb paintings also depict people being massaged.  In India in 1700BC, the book 'Ayur Veda' was written, which describes simple massage for various conditions.  The ancient Greeks used massage to help athletes keep their bodies in the best condition for competitions.  Even Caesar was said to have been given a daily massage to treat Neuralgia.
Soldiers wounded during World War One were treated with massage in military hospitals.  Saint Thomas's hospital in London had a massage department until 1934, where it treated war veterans for shock.
Since then, massage has continued to gain popularity and respect, and to be seen as a genuine medical intervention, rather than a dubious practice!
On a physical level, massage helps the circulation and lymph drainage, releaxes the muscles and speeds up elimination of waste products.  This means that it can help many physical conditions, from a sports injury to constipation!

Psychologically, massage has been shown to help depression, anxiety, stress, and many other adverse emotional states.

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Aches? Chronic Pain? Strained Muscle? Overdone it at the gym or in the garden? Stressed out?

Then deep tissue massage is the treatment for you.

At Norwich Massage Therapy, we don't mess around.  My deep tissue massage honed over eleven years of experience working with a huge range of clients is designed to get you out of pain fast.

I have worked with clients with sciatica, strained or 'pulled muscles', chronic pain from overuse, whiplash, scoliosis, athletes, even arctic explorers training for their next expedition!

I will have a chat with you before your treatment to determine your needs and then agree a treatment plan with you.  Deep tissue massage doesn't follow a routine like swedish or aromatherapy massage, it is a tailored treatment focused on your areas of tension.  My fingers are incredibly sensitive and will pick up on tension you didn't even know you had!  A treatment may involve some swedish massage techniques to warm and prepare the muscles, deep tissue massage techniques to stretch and realign the muscle fibres and remove lactic acid, neuromuscular technique to identify and treat pain trigger points, and stretching techniques.  I may use thumbs, forearms and elbows to achieve deep pressure.  Usually an hour's treatment will focus on one or two areas of the body such as back and neck or legs.  If you require a full body deep tissue massage I can do this, but you may need to book a longer appointment.

Deep tissue massage uses deep pressure (as the name suggests) so may feel uncomfortable at times.  However, I will tailor the pressure to what you find manageable.  Deep tissue massage isn't necessarily unpleasant, most of my clients describe it as a 'good pain', and some even drift off!

I am also fully qualified in aromatherapy and holistic or swedish massage, so can offer more relaxing full body massages or a combination of techniques.